• Today I have passed an exam of which knowledge I am sure that I will never use in any of my future jobs. And I have done this pretty often in my 3 years that I have spent on the Automatic Control and Computers faculty’s benches. The few courses that really can be considered useful from a job perspective view only contain the basics even if I feel that there is much more time for newer and cooler stuff to be included in the presentations. But the Romanian educational system is like a big dump right in the middle of the road: we all know that it stinks but nobody tries to clean it while this thing is still possible (in a more sarcastic way while the brains of the kids that finish high-school still have potential).
    I am a bit frustrated that I really do not have a role model for my aspiring career as an IT Engineer because all of the great minds that have succeeded until now have had a lot of darkness around for their star to shine but in our times I feel that there is plenty of light almost everywhere.
    So what remains now? I think using my intuition and following a certain path that looks inspiring for the future and plenty of luck. To all of us!

  • I saw this video for the first time on TeacherTube.com, and I presume the one you found is actually a reiteration of that one. I like better the former because of the background music:


  • You’re so right. However, with all these new concepts that appear every nanosecond, there are all the former concepts that people are either neglecting or completely forgetting. It is true that by the time we’re 38 we’ll have had 14 jobs, but from then on the probability we change jobs also decreases exponentially. All the things “on the edge” of the “new wave” are pushing knowledge and technology forward, but we still have to contend with all the things we’ve learned so far, as well. We move faster, but we don’t really grow. The future, I believe, is in the growth, in the ability to absorb all this information, rather than (I dare say) the old way, which was to always stay one step in front of others.

    Regarding the video itself, it seemed obsolete from the very beginning. The music is several years old, the concept of “nation” and the children born where is completely meaningless today, while the comparison of people and illegally downloaded songs is just as pointless as talking about 1000$ in a world where there are cheap computers that exceed the computational speed of the entire human race.

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