About me

Tudor Barbu
Pretending to smoke is guaranteed to make you look cool 🙂

Hey there,

My name is Tudor Barbu, I’m a software developer currently living in Barcelona.

I enjoy programming, technology, photography, traveling and the occasional pint of cold beer and this is the place where I ramble about those experiences.

A bit of history

I started blogging back in 2007 – man I’m old – and since then the blog underwent multiple changes in writing style, covered subjects, themes and domains. Until now I was using blog.motane.lu – a domain-hack based on my nickname, in romanian “motănelu'” meaning the tomcat / the male cat. Just imagine how cool was handing over a business card that had miau@motane.lu – meow at the tomcat – listed as an email address. I’ve decided to change it because – now that I live abroad –  whenever I interact with people that don’t speak romanian – the overwhelming majority of the people I meet – it’s difficult explaining it to them. Thus tudorbarbu.ninja was born which is still funny and a bit more international 🙂

Why blog?

Over the years I took breaks from blogging, because I got sidetracked with work and other daily problems, but I always come back to it. It’s like an old song that you listen until you get bored of it, forget it and then start enjoying it again months or years later.

I blog because I like sharing my thoughts and ideas and interact with like-minded people. Some posts were really successful in their time, like the Multithreading in PHP which was used by others to create libraries like Threadi – look at the dates before criticising 🙂 –  I got quoted in an article on IBM on lambdas and I even got Matthew Weier O’Phinney to comment on the blog, so it’s quite satisfying from that standpoint at least.

I also enjoy reading my old posts. It’s like a time-portal showing me how I evolved over the years and how things have changed. It’s true what they say: we do get wiser with old age.

If you’ve read so far…well thank you 🙂 And feel free to drop a line.

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