• Computer, locate lieutenant-commander Data!

  • Lieutenant-commander Data is not aboard the Enterprise, mister Mot.

  • ryan martin

    Is the 3D desktop metaphor really that great?
    The app is really cool but I don’t see it as the future of UI

  • I’ve tried BumpTop and I have to say I liked it … for the first 5 minutes. Then I’ve realized that nothing that seemed natural to me was really working in it. Do I ever take a stack of things and browse them by taking each one and moving them from one hand to the other? Do I want my desktop to actually become smaller in order to accomodate the “walls” where I can place the same things I would on a normal desktop? What do I do with icons of different sizes? Do I want fancy picture slideshows on the desktop? And more than anything else: do I even USE the desktop? I mean, really… the desktop is all 3Dish and then I open notepad right over it.
    Bottom line: I’ve removed it after I really tried to use it for an hour or so.

    But the idea of changing a well proven interface is still attractive to me, even if there are situations where it is not really useful. I am stil using FAR manager (a text mode Norton Commander Windows clone with a ton of addons) because I find it really easy, intuitive and most of all FAST. No animations, no pictures, no icons, just data at warp speed. I do stuff before a Windows Explorer window even renders completely. Other people might enjoy something else. Remember the Minority Report interface that everybody went “WOW!” about and that forced Tom Cruise to take a lot of breaks because his arms ached? And about the cars, I am no driver, but think about this: the “interface” has not changed since the early 1920 models! Can you really say it is the most effective? I mostly work with displaying data to customers. That means forms and grids. Can I create a model that is more intuitive? Damn well I can! But how would they export my beautiful hypercube or my carddeck into an Excel sheet?

    So, in the end, I believe that UI decisions are actually the same with the business decisions. You don’t want something to look cool until it does the job as effectively as possible.

  • My point exactly. It’s fun and eye candy, but I’ve gotten so used to the point and click interface, that anything else would feel really strange.

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