• May the force be with you, Luke! Still 5 doesn’t divide by 2. What do you do with the remainder? 2 bars and 1 poster for the contestant? 😀
    And what will be the second bar?

  • No! It’s not like that. You have to hang 2 posters of the 5 available in a pub of your choice.

  • I know a guy that owns a bar 🙂 Madalina, too. So you had backup.
    And there is a second way to cheat: drink your geekiness away, THEN talk to the bartender 😉

  • Wouldn’t quite work. I’d be drinking my persuasive skills away too…

  • So when will you find out if you win or not?

  • I don’t know yet…

  • Yes, bribing.. another popular choice 😛 It did cross my mind 😛

  • guest

    “…product first launched ages ago before technologies like PHP or ASP”
    Actually PHP was released before ColdFusion, just keeping it real. 😀

  • The first version of PHP as Personal Home Page doesn’t count, as it has nothing to do with modern PHP. Today’s features of PHP were first embedded in the language at PHP 2.0 and the true PHP development started along with PHP 3, much later. But If you take it literally, yes, PHP is a month older than ColdFusion.

    PS: I’ve just passed on what Ben Forta said… 😛

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