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  • sohail

    Plz tell me step by step how to use this script. I need to insert it in my html webpage.. please help..

  • Jase

    Nice Job

    I saw your older script and I was considering writing a parser based on http://www.ecb.int where the base currency is the Euro.

    Your way is a lot easier 🙂

    What is the legality of this though?

  • What do you mean by “legality”? Google’s service is public according to its terms and conditions. You just have to read those…

  • Jase

    Public is a very loose term though. Free for public use? free for commercial use? free for non-commercial use? free for private use?

    I’ve only worked with MIT/LGPL and GPL licensing so never needed to read google’s terms before (as i’ve never needed to pull data from it)

    another solution may be this that i’ve found
    http://www.ecb.int (sample tutorial for it http://www.wellho.net/resources/ex.php4?item=h112/exchange.php)

    it defaults to Euro’s but other conversions should be easy enough

    The one flaw I’ve found with this google one is that when it comes to doing millions or billions,it writes the actual word instead of displaying it with integers

  • You can avoid the million/billion issue by getting the exchange rate for a single monetary unit and computing the rest at your end…

  • Aurelien

    What do you think about the solution of this guy:


    It’s using curl instead of file guest content. Is there any advantages? maybe more secure? faster?

    But for his “parsing” solution, not sure it’s better… (except no need to use PEAR)


  • Ankit Sharma

    iGoogle is closing by novemeber 2013 so its not useful now.. is there any other script for this??

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