• Raul

    I simply do not agree!

  • With what?

  • I’ve first encountered this when doing form validation. You simply can’t do:

    Lame indeed.

  • Mircea

    Did you happen to check the PHP manual for this function?
    The function is not void! It has a boolean return value!
    No offense but this post is very much alike with the prepared statements one except that that one is simply not efficient code (batch insert instead of calling an execute 1000 times is by far more efficient (5 times faster was the result of a benchmark I did a while ago)).
    Good luck!

  • I really don’t get it. Which function has a boolean return value? Are you talking about empty()? If you’ve read the manual (you can find a link in the post above) you’d know that empty() is not a function, it’s a language construct. And the this post isn’t about its output, it’s about its input. The empty() construct only accepts variables as a parameter, not function returns. I hope it’s clear for you now…

    And about the other post that was mentioned, its purpose has also escaped you. It was about how faster prepared statements are than “normal” queries, not about finding the best way to insert 1000 rows in a database.

    No offense, but you should really pay more attention when you read, and perhaps, read the articles twice to make sure that you understand what the argument is and answer on topic.

    Good luck!

  • Mircea

    I am sorry.. I was looking at your post from the laptop and I simply did not see the yellow if and I thought you were trying to empty the variable… my mistake.

  • Those are the default colors. I’m using the GeSHI plugin for WordPress…I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps I’ll try another background color, to create more contrast. I’ll have to speak with the guy who designed the theme, I don’t have an eye for these things 😛

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