If you want to drop in a word, you can do it at “hello [@] tudorbarbu [dot] ninja” or Skype me at tudor.barbu.  I usually respond to all emails but might take a few days. Please read through before contacting me!

Please don’t contact me:

  • if you expect me to do your homework, school project and so on. You will thank me later.
  • if you expect me to do your work assignment. Start earning your keep!
  • if you think you have the next great idea and you need a developer to work for you for a piece of the pie. I have plenty of good ideas of my own and I lack the time to implement them.
  • to sell me stuff. If I really need what you’re selling, I’m going to Google for it, so start using your time on SEO instead of writing pointless emails
  • to ask about a particular post on this blog. Use the comment form the post’s page, that’s what it’s there for
  • to ask for link exchange. The 90s were cool but now they are long gone.
  • to ask stupid questions. If you have any doubts on whether your question is stupid or not, it probably is…


If your message is so important to you and you’re afraid that the Illuminati, aliens, government spies and so on will try to intercept it, use my GPG public key to encrypt it.

Also available in binary format.

May the force be with you!

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