• Justin

    I tested this and it doesn’t seem to work on Mac OS X 10.4.10 using Safari 2.0.4. It appears that there is no support for the unicode-bidi in Safari for Mac, see http://developer.apple.com/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariCSSRef/Articles/StandardCSSProperties.html for more info on Safari support. Is there another way to accommodate Safari for Mac with this method?

  • I don’t own a Mac, so I haven’t tested it in Safari. Thanks for pointing it out for me…I’ll look into it!

  • dfsdfs

    but safari exists for windows tudor 😉 3.1.2 actually 🙂

  • No doubt about that…but I’m using Linux

    Anyway, Justin, you could try to do some javascript browser sniffing and if it’s Safari, parse the whole document with js and write all the links backwards. Won’t work if the user disables the js support…

  • Another way of doing it even though is not DOM compliant

    I know you’ll write the DOM compliant one using document.createElement, setAttribute and such

  • or you could simply skip the JS part and write the mail backwords and use the style, more practical and simple… and the noobs can just copy paste it

  • Neal

    Ok so can someone publish this simple code?

  • Wonderful work

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