• I don’t think people will ever use only something like Google Notebook. PC’s are here to stay, so we can rely on them (or can we?).
    I see Google Notebook as a browser that you can take with you on the train…

  • Correction: macs are here to stay šŸ™‚

  • Olivier

    And what: “none cloud” mail service do you use šŸ˜‰
    Let’s stop worrying, where fucked already.

  • Yes, I use google’s email service. But that’s different. I can still have my privacy by not sending emails with information I don’t want shared (like naked pictures o_0) and keep those files on my harddrive. Which is not possible with Google’s Notebook…

  • I am Using Google Notebook along with evernote and Iā€™m enjoying using both. With this, I’m able to transfer data from Google notebook to evernote. I can always be synchronized.

  • That’s pretty much the same tradeoff you make with *any* Google product – your privacy for their service. Whether you use Gmail, Docs or any other service that requires you to login or even just the basic search engine, they are getting data from you to some degree or another.

    And then selling it to their REAL customers – their paying advertisers. Their product isn’t the services they offer, it’s our information.

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