• “Use an open source browser.”

    Ahem, http://code.google.com/chromium/

  • je

    Chrome is open source too and his javascript engine rocks.

  • H8r

    that’s a bit unfair – chrome is open source also (chromium) and I really would like the breakthrough in linux and mac systems. Competition is good, especially when a party brings something diffrent to the table and can always rise the bar for the others.

  • Hey, my bad 😛 I don’t want to start another flame war. Calm down. It’s just an opinion. I know that Chrome is open source, but it’s not a “traditional” open source project (maintained by a foundation). It was a bad choice of words and I think “independent” would make a better choice.

    Chrome is developed by Google’s engineers, within Google’s facilities and its future is decided by Google’s management. If Chrome reaches a comfortable 25-30 percent market share by 2011, do you think that Google will continue funding the Mozilla Foundation? Or rather kill Firefox hoping that the large majority of Firefox users will migrate to Chrome rather than Internet Explorer?

    I just don’t believe in corporations….

  • You obviously missed this post on my blog: Google Desktop, Google Chrome and Google Gadgets in Ubuntu. Chrome is already available for Linux, only that it’s a developer build. It works okay though. More details in my post.

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