• Madalina

    Amazing 🙂

  • It was pretty funny. Frankly, if I were the hacker, I would have probably stolen his identity and credit card money, go The Net on his ass. Also, as a sociological study on that kind of person, albeit not a very interesting one, but different from myself, I would have made a complete documentary on the life of the keyboard-impaired chimp.

    As for your 4 points, it was obvious the guy was the thief BECAUSE he didn’t reformat the harddrive and was using it with partially locked features; humiliating the person like that is more than ok, it’s common sense (I will expand on that later on); you can’t consider invasion of privacy getting information from your own computer; I agree on the last point, although the pictures of that chick were sent by her to a stranger on a dating site and her name was never divulged.

    I found interesting the point of public humiliation you raised. In my view, that is the purpose of jail. One can hardly argue personal reform for people going to jail so what else is there than the huge stain on their life that they did time? We are getting more “facebooky” all the time: one’s worth is measured by googling someone’s name, reading their blog, gauging their friends. I can imagine a time where one’s indiscretions or unlawful activities could be posted online in order to forever be attached to that person’s name.

    “Here is Guzman, using my stolen computer and totally owned”. No one will ever respect that guy when this is what they find online. So, I ask, how is this different from the various types of comunal justice that have sprouted through human history?

  • cristiann

    Please note that the hacker didn’t use the financial info (paypal and so on…) to empty some accounts…
    Also, while the computer was technically still the hacker property (maybe just in an unusual location… 🙂 ), who owns the information inside the computer? The point is that all the pictures are the hacker’s property… so… I guess… he may use them as he pleases…

    A Happy New Year!

  • Your story was really infmoartive, thanks!

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