• It sounds like it was a brutal clash 🙂

  • It seems I was partially right. I mean, we were talking about 2 different things, I was talking about the example above and Raul about another example. Things got mixed up 😛

    Anyway, I was right 😛

  • Raul

    OK, you were right! ;))

  • Raul


    “My previous post spawned a debate over ymessenger…” WROOONG!
    I was on Pidgin @ Linux not into a YMessenger@ Windoze machine!
    So, I was right! :))

    You may want to delete this post, it’s useless! We were talking about different things! ;))

  • I’m also use Pidgin on an Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex box. I was refering to the communication protocol… 😛

  • Raul

    You didn’t speciffied this! 😛

  • Raul

    I never said that! You was wrong about keep telling me that the following code would be OK and it will be called onload event:

    I was keep telling you that will NOT be run onload event. Instead you should call like this: window.onload = f;
    And regarding beeing savvy…….let’s say that I don’t need to be considered savvy. 🙂

  • Just to count hate comments I will create a new messenger system with a secret proprietary protocol that uses .Net (and not Mono) and Windows Presentation Foundation. 🙂

  • Mihai

    Siederite, I suggest using the new telerik controls for the client program. We’ll give the *nix fans some piece of mind, arrrr!!! :)))

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