• Thanks for linking 🙂 Anyway, I can say I tried it out and I uninstalled it in about 10 minutes. Just as you said, there is no need of another browser that just copies the first three on the market.

    I did hope, though, that it would allow you to “mold” your own engine by configuring all the features all the other browsers have. Now that would have been cool. Just use a browser that acts and looks like IE and when Tudor comes raging about how IE sucks, just change the offending behaviours with those of FireFox or Chrome.:) Instead, you can choose one of the engines (in the preferences) and that’s about it. If you want to see a page in a different engine, just change the preferences and refresh the page. That felt really dumb.

  • But…everybody knows that IE sucks. Even the EU commission knows that and they’ve fined Microsoft for making such a crappy browser and bundling it with Windows :))

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