• Finally the Linux dude is coming out of the closet. J! I would by a MacBook Pro too. 🙂

  • Hold your horses…I haven’t seen the new Ubuntu yet 🙂

  • For the package manager, check out Homebrew: http://mxcl.github.com/homebrew/.

    Then it’s just a matter of running:

    sudo brew install

  • I’m using MacPorts instead of Homebrew. But not all Mac software is free, you know. On Ubuntu, you google for “svn clients ubuntu” all you only find free ones 🙂 Mac is pricier 🙁

  • There are only two apps that I have paid money for until now, ForkLift and TextMate (a bit expensive in my opinion). The latter because I didn’t really like MacVim. All the other apps that I use are free and open-source and they’re quite good actually.

  • How can you not like MacVim?

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