• I really believe that Steve Ballmer is a complete retard and we really have some nice evidence on youtube with him acting like his shirt should have its sleeves tied to the back.

    Microsoft doesn’t realize the shit hole they’ve stepped in with Vista, which might even drag around 7, even if 7 might be a good OS. They are also not serious when they talk about competitors and therefore we have a lot of failures like Zune, Xbox, FrontPage, IIS and last but not least Windows, when it comes to more than just clicking buttons.

    Besides that, Apple was, is and always will be a hardware company. If Microsoft – a software company (I don’t count the mice, Xbox, Zune and keyboards as HW) – began attacking a hardware company then this really shows the stupidity of their marketeers. I would have understood if they attacked Linux or Mac OS X, but it seems that they live in a parallel world.

    Also I remember that Ballmer once blamed cloud computing (also called grid by come companies) and now is the thing they are on to. So is with Google Docs and now they are implementing the possibility of creating documents online.

    They are just full of shit and envy!

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