• Johnny Krogsboll

    great article and good comments, I have hired a few people and found most of them via linkedin, and you are so right in all the things you say & write…

    read a jobposting the other day with a differnet twist I thought I did like to share with you:

    • 1-3 years of relevant work experience (with a proven successful track record).
    • Great communication skills. You are a native English speaker, or often mistaken for being one, and can get by in at least one other language.
    • Kick-ass writing skills and an extremely creative mindset. You can make people smile or cry in 140 characters or less.
    • Social media experience. You’re comfortable being the “We” behind a brand, and consider days without gifs and new memes, a lost opportunity.
    • A degree in Media, Communications, Marketing, or Business.
    • An outgoing personality. Talking to strangers is your idea of a great time.
    • An acute sense of service mindedness. You’ll be helping out impatient users, a busy Success team and the Communications and Online sales teams, making sure we always deliver a brilliant user experience.
    • An eye for design and more than decent photography skills

  • Anon

    Todor is almost as funny as Hodor

  • Alexandra

    Very cool article! From a recruiter’s point of view, i endorse every point that you made, even though, in the heat of the moment, Todor might look just as Tudor 🙂

    Yes, the market stopped offering us a large pool of people and the supersaturation of IT jobs is not getting any better, but keeping a professional attitude is not hard. However, developers could at least be a tad more friendly and not so hostile 🙂

    Thanks for the insides, Tudor, I will be sure to keep them in mind.


  • This is so frustrating for us, recruiters who actually do their jobs in a proper manner, know the technologies we want to hire on, are careful with writing correctly anything from names to simple, direct messages with the key points that would most likely attract candidates: project, technologies, payment etc. It sucks to see that the ones of us who do our jobs right are being taken for granted. Especially as women – though i do *not* identify myself as being a feminist. But the truth is, there have been horrible people at their jobs (especially ladies) in big companies, doing the stupidest mistakes that now we’re all seen as some sort of mindless spawns of Satan brought on Earth to annoy the bejesus out of you.

  • 100% true!

    See this comparison “What if drivers where hired like Programmers”.
    Link: http://9gag.com/gag/aydDBzy/old-but-still-true

    I replied to one recruiter exactly this image 🙂 and their response was hilarious.

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