• Dude, stop being a lamer and let the full posts in your RSS! 😛

  • Sir yes sir!

  • hehe, mooooody.com rocks, i kinda like it 😛

  • Go to the website *now* to see the thunderstorm version!

  • niko

    Mood Music is good !

  • Thanks for the support guys!

  • livebunny

    awesome site
    I am using it as an example of web 2.0 and mashups for a university assignment and it has been lovely to hear nice music while I have been stressing about it.
    Thanks for making a cool thing 🙂

    Just wanted to know how it chooses what genres of music according to the weather?

  • We mapped several weather types to moods manually and we search for songs matching the moods on last.fm

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