• I would really like to see how things work using Agile and Scrum. I think I will try to use them for one of my personal projects, since the project is made by a team. The single part that doesn’t fit too well is the fact that we don’t have just one client, but a class of clients, some of them with their own particularities.
    I’ll tell you how it worked. 😛

  • @Radu, it means that you’ll need a Product Owner who will be responsible for tracking the correct requirements and prioritize them in a backlog. As far as the rest of the team is concerned, he’s the client.

  • Unfortunately, will mime the Product Owner… It’s a pretty complicated thing we are trying to do (on a client relationship level). Tudor knows more about it, but I wouldn’t want him to tell anything. And in a very peculiar way, we really could be considered clients.
    I knew about Scrum way before Tudor’s post – just that I never had the chance to use it – and therefore I know about the three key roles involved.
    As I said: the situation is a bit complicated (awkward).

  • Usually the product owner or the project manager can be considered – to some extent – clients. Democracy isn’t that good of a system when it comes to software development, as it will quickly turn to anarchy. We all think that our ideas are the best and that everybody should listen to us, but it’s not always the case, and somebody must decide which features stay and which features go.
    Another thing: it’s a bad practice to allow an outside client to talk directly to your development team for obvious reasons. You only send the product owner along with some really boring business analysts to talk to the client. And perhaps a good looking blonde account manager, so they won’t look like a Star Trek geeks convoy. So, in front of the developers, the product owner acts like a spokesman for the client, and, as initially stated, to some extent, he IS the client.

  • Raul

    Offtopic: Scrum development? Sounds like romanian development: “scrum” (ash)! :))

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