• Here’s another way (jQuery) if you have rel=”external” instead of an outgoing class:

    I love jQuery 🙂

  • I usually use classes because they allow me to add some visual hints that the link will open in a new window via css.

    But your approach with jQuery is really cool, guess I could use it with a class name, like such:

    I’m more of a prototype guy 😛

  • If you’re attaching the external behaviour to links with JS, it would make sense to attach the styling through JS as well. After all, if the browser doesn’t interpret JS then the link you’ve marked as external through CSS is just misleading : ). But yeah, I do the same as Dever.

    Also, with the “canonical craze”:http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/canonical-link-tag/, using rel just makes more sense.

  • I think external links should not open in new windows. If I want to see a certain link in a new window, I’ll decide if I’ll open it. I really find it annoying when a new window opens up without my permission.

  • Thanks for this! On my website I’ll usually open up affiliate links in a new window, which leaves them on my site for a little longer….at least in my mind!

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