The blog

Is mine. Which means that the opinions presented here are my own and are in no way related to my employer – unless something good comes out of it, of course 🙂

The source code and code examples which are always released as open source and can be used freely and this will never change, as I’m an advocate of open source.

Feel free to comment, I usually approve most comments, but there are some rules – more like common sense – that might get your comment deleted  and your email marked as spam if you don’t follow:

  • be polite. Even if I might not agree with what you say, I respect your right to say it, as long as you’re using a polite language. “Arguments” like you suck, f*ck you, you’re stupid, this is lame and so on will most likely get your comment deleted.
  • always comment in English. We’re all proud of our heritage and our mother tongue, but this is meant to be a blog for English speakers, so if you choose to post a comment, do it in English.
  • if you want to post code, use the <pre lang=”…”></pre> tags for proper formatting.
  • always post on topic. Maybe the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world, but there’s no need to talk about that on a page related to PHP programming
  • don’t comment just to ask stupid questions. Really. Don’t!
  • don’t spam.

Nice meeting you 🙂

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